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Richard Humiston
Family Chiropractor

Mission: 'To Help as Many People in My Lifetime as I Can, Especially Children'.   Dr. Humiston specializes in the care of people. 

I earned my Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life  University in Marietta, Georgia in March 1997. Previous to this doctorate degree, I earned an Bachelor's of Science degree in Movement Science from William Paterson University in December 1992. My concentration was in Cardiac Rehab

I enjoy to be active in the chiropractic field by maintaining membership with the North Carolina Chiropractic Association.

I have delivered thousands (~35,000) of spinal adjustments to the people of Henderson, Transylvania and Buncombe Counties with an array of modern, effective and gentle chiropractic techniques. I have also completed hundreds of hours of post graduate studies (see below) to further my knowledge and will continue to on a yearly basis.

I have a sincere commitment to help people WHO ARE READY to be helped. No matter what age, EVERYONE deserves the finest in CHIROPRACTIC service. With this said, it is my ambition to help people who are looking to be their very best in regards to their health, fortifying a life worth living.

Post Graduate Education (various topics): Upper Cervical Specific for Full Spine Chiropractors; Thompson Technique System; Blair Primary; Palpation 3000; Children and Chiropractic; Public Education and Risk Management; Examining Chiropractic Research and Techniques; Chiropractic Pediatrics: Caring for the World's Children;  Chiropractic Philosophy; Full Spine Diversified; Percussive Instrumentation;  World Chiropractic Alliance;  Subluxations and Adjustments;  Philosophical and Physiological Reasons Why Women and Babies Need Chiropractic Care;  CBP- Lumbar Spinal Rehabilitation; Clinical Evaluation of Sponylolysis/Spondylolithesis;  The Brain, Consciousness and Chiropractic;  Neurology and Chiropractic Adjustment;  Gonstead Technique; Full Spine Adjusting; Logan Basic; Activator Research and Basic Scan Protocols;  Chiropractic Without a Doubt; Physical Therapy 101; Worker's Compensation Update; Nutritional Neurology;  Wellness Practice Certification Module I-IV; Problem Solving Approach to the Evaluation of Neck Pain; Clinical Documentation Seminar - Charlotte, NC.; Common Patterns of Postural Abnormalities;  Chiropractic Appproach to Treat Headaches; Extreme Examination Makeover; 'From Health to Wellness'; Low Back Stabilization Seminar; Orthopedic and Neurology Examination Techniques.; The Dynamic Analysis, Treatment and Rehab of Movement Dysfunctions.; Knee Injuries; Adjusting Children; Pain and Inflammation - Dr. Dan Murphy; The Biomechanics & Neurology of the Cervical Spine - Dr. Phil Arnone; Chiropractic Treatment of Soft Tissue Structure Utilizing Manual and Instrument Assisted Techniques - Dr. Michael Krasnov.

Public Lectures given to: Hendersonville UPS; VFW; First Baptist Church Hendersonville; Hendersonville Shriners; Home Depot; Biltmore Baptist Asheville; Business network International - Hendersonville Chapter; West and North Henderson High Schools; Hillandale, Dana and Mills River Elemenetary Schools; and First Baptist Weekday Early Education Center.

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